Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mind the Seams: Protecting Corners and Valleys During Construction

Window corners and roof valleys, or basically any place where the continuity cuts off, are bound to be more prone to penetration. These places should have maximum protection because they offer an easier route to the deeper parts of the house. Custom home builders take note of the valleys and corners of every structure, often equipping them with the necessary protective materials. This is especially important when the house is under construction and the weather is being uncooperative.

Some of the protective measures employed during construction are only used until the builders can install more permanent solutions. Construction has to go on despite the sun and rain (of course, storms or calamities are a different thing), because the longer it takes to build a house, the costlier the project becomes. However, you can't dictate the weather, which is why it pays to be defensive.

When building a home or making renovations, always look out for corners and valleys, especially if they'll be directly affected by the project. Don't provide the elements with an entry point to wreak havoc inside your home. Invest in protective solutions to keep the house off-limits to moisture; otherwise, you run the risk of dealing with more problems than you can imagine.

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