Friday, March 18, 2016

Home Builders: Four Innovative Trends in Custom Home Design for 2016

Thinking about calling a general contractor for building a custom home in 2016? If so, then read on for some of the best custom home design trends in Minneapolis, MN for this year. Outdoor Living Areas Outdoor living spaces allow the home’s occupants and guests to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors. Custom home and remodeling designs will incorporate outdoor living rooms filled with overstuffed couches, built in kitchens, fireplaces, and bars to allow for a comfortable outdoor lounging and entertaining area. Increased Technology Capability Due to the fact that technology is becoming a very important part of daily life, custom homes are being designed with technology in mind. According to The American Institute of Architects’ most recent Home Design Trends Survey, products, and systems that simplify home management and double as energy-saving solutions are steadily growing in popularity. Popular features include more electric plug capabilities in each room.

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