Friday, April 26, 2013

Custom Homes Pave the Way for Housing in the Future

Data from the US Census Bureau reveals that around 56,000 houses were sold in the Midwest last February 2013. This is perhaps in response to the area's relatively poor real estate sales, with Minnesota currently identified as having the worst rental rates. While conventional home building techniques are still the norm throughout most of the country, a lot more people who can afford it now opt for custom-made houses.

Custom homes have the obvious of advantage of being constructed entirely according to the homeowner's specifications. Even small details like the placement of electrical sockets are often left in the hands of the homeowner. Consequently, custom homes are usually pricier than generic “stock houses” since the former incorporates high-quality building materials and additional home features such as landscaping, specialized air ventilation, efficient roofing systems, and many more.

Meanwhile, many builders are also convinced that custom homes provide the perfect testing ground for future home technologies such as “green roofs” (i.e. roofs that incorporate actual living plants). Some houses even have so-called smart home features that allow people to control lighting fixtures, appliances, and security systems using their smartphones. Custom home builders also encourage the use of recyclable and sustainable materials to help save the environment.

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