Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Modern Kitchen Layout Ideas for Your New Home

Hiring reliable custom home builders is an excellent way to make sure your house is as efficient as it is beautiful. However, it's still important that you're fully aware and in control of how every nook and cranny of your home will look like to make sure it suits your own design ideas, and makes your home comfortable. Here are some layout ideas you can use for your kitchen: 


The L-shaped kitchen, as the name suggests, has one long and one short side that meet in a corner. It can either be attached to the wall as a part of a room or a distinct space on its own. This layout is very efficient as it promotes continuous workflow. It also allows an additional island counter to be placed in the middle. 


U-shaped kitchens are basically L-shapes with a third wall attachment to accommodate additional storage areas. This layout allows easy access to everything in the kitchen as well as provides ample counter space. Usually, the range and the refrigerator face each other from opposite walls. 

Galley Type 

With two parallel walls, the galley design makes use of the aisle for efficiency. The refrigerator and other food preparation appliances are placed on one side while the cooking and cleaning equipment are placed next to each other in another. Whichever kitchen design you choose, always consider the work area triangle which includes the range, refrigerator and sink for ease of food preparation and cleaning.

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